Video: Devinci Shortcut

Devinci's "road cycling" team delivers everything from wall rides to skate-park session to stream dipping and chick hopping, all the while still finishing first.   Read More »

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Ekoi helmets and eyewear?

Anyone know the story behind them? I know the AG2R cycling team is using their helmets, but that's about it. One of their sunglasses resemble (or possibly is identical) to the Catlike Shadow for like half the price, except single lens and one color. [IMG] ... Read More »

A2GR Ekoi helmet?

Just watch the Crit Int on Vs and saw how cool A2GR La Mondiale black matte helmet was. Anyone know where I can get these in the US? I've googled, Bing, and yahooed it and not getting anything for the 2012 team helmet. Thanks in advance!!Read More »

Ekoi Helmets

anybody got one of these? look pretty snazzy somehow, used by Agritubel in the TdF website is, its all in french so type it into google and get therm to translate it These are the ones on PBK This is the Ekoi Carbone LTD Road Race Helmet - Red/White [IMG] ... Read More »

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