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13 Cool, New Urban Cycling Picks From Interbike

From fixies to commuters to street mountain bikes to e-bikes, the “urban cycling” moniker covers a wide swath of riding formats and product. This baker’s dozen highlights some of the cooler things we saw.   Read More »

Random Awesome: Serendipity Abounds in the Halls of Interbike

Getting a feel for the personality and personalities of the bike industry doesn't take long at a show like Interbike. We thought we'd give you a glimpse by taking you for a stroll through the aisles...   Read More »

Key Brands Committing to Interbike 2011

Excitement builds as brands prepare for the industry’s annual gathering SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. – Interbike, the cycling industry’s annual flagship trade event for the last 30 years, is quickly selling out as exhibitors large and small lock up their space for the September 14-16 show at the S ...    Read More »

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Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i

So I am down in Florida taking care of my sick(dying of cancer) mom. I have brought my road bikes down here in the past for a little jump on spring training, and well, the number of clueless octogenarians running rampant on the streets scared the shittake out of me! But now that I will be down ... Read More »

Electra Amsterdam / Townie ?

Has anyone ridden an Electra Amsterdam or Townie? Thoughts? Their geometry on these pushes the crankset forward about 4" in front of the seat tube. They call it 'flat foot'. Seems like it would be inefficient and uncomfortable compared to standard upright geometry for a town bike?? [url=htt ... Read More »


SciFi cyclingRead More »

Campy date codes and Electra saddle

Does anyone know what a square with a 42 means on a C-Record crank arm? I know that an 11 is 1985 and 22 is 1986, but 42? Next up....when was the Campagnolo Electra saddle released?Read More »

bag for an Electra (man style)

So to join the wife and daughter, I have a new electra Super deluxe. I need a bag, for under the seat, or for the rear rack. something that fits the cruiser style, non-hi-tech material-looking. cant seem to find anything but $150+ leather and tweed. big enough for tubes/tools/lock/snacks etc.. ... Read More »

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