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Tested: 2014 Specialized CruX Elite EVO Rival Disc

If you could have one – and only one – bike, the CruX Elite EVO might just be the choice.   Read More »

Boardman Bikes 2014 Elite Series Revealed

New, expansive line-up claims to be re-engineered, redefined and enhanced.   Read More »

Book Review: The Elite Bicycle: Portraits of Great Marques, Makers and Designers

The holidays are approaching and the thought of buying another gift card makes you cringe. What else can you give that special cycling enthusiast in your life this season? Add this beautiful book to your list of possibilities.   Read More »

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Rolf Vector Comp vs Mavic Ksyrium Elite

I have two quite different bikes from 1999 that I ride occasionally, but only occasionally, and both have similar wheelsets. Both are 9 speed so compatibility is fine. Wondering which wheels to keep. One bike is a Reynolds 853 drop bar racing bike, the other is a Trek Y-Foil setup for Tri. One ... Read More »

Elite carbon water cages

Where is the best place to buy elite carbon water cages? Thanks.Read More »

New bike, Specialized Sirrus Elite

Went to my LBS and found a Sirrus Elite, I got it for a pretty decent price. Roughly $600, this is pretty much my first Road/Hybrid bike. I'm pretty excited to get some miles on this! [ATTACH=CONFIG]283954[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]283955[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]283956[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]283 ... Read More »

Centurion Elite vs Diamondback Centurion Master TG vs Raleigh Technium Pre

Hello all, I am new to this forum and I hope I put this in the right category. I am looking to buy my first road bike. I have been looking on CL and I have found a few that I thought were interesting. The first is a 1986 Centurion Elite RS, the second is a Diamondback Centurion Master TG, and the la ... Read More »

Pearl izumi elite jersey. Need opinion

Hi guys I bought a couple of PI elite jerseys (size M & L). I am undecided for which one fits me the best. Could you let me know what you think? Do you think the size M is too short? Info - Size L fits very saggy around my waist and the pockets sags under load down to my butt. Size M behaves ... Read More »

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Elite Product Categories


Arion 0
0   Reviews
$ 360.00


Novo Force 0
0   Reviews
$ 285.99
Power Fluid 0
0   Reviews
$ 189.99
Qubo Digital 0
0   Reviews
$ 599.99
Qubo Hydromag 0
0   Reviews
$ 445.99
Qubo Power Pack 0
0   Reviews
$ 345.99
RealAxiom 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
RealAxiom CT 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Riser Block 0
0   Reviews
$ 18.00

Water Bottles/Cages

Cannibal Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.99
Ciussi 3.2
10   Reviews
Ciussi Alloy 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Moro D' Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Patao Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00




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