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Gear Review: Betabrand Bike to Work Britches

Is that a reflector in your pants or are you just happy to see me? See what our resident Angry Singlespeeder thinks of Betabrand’s new Bike to Work Britches.    Read More »

LED Lights Shootout - Exposure Enduro Maxx, Race Maxx & Joystick Maxx

.!.RoadBikeReview LED Lights Shootout Main Page Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar Exposure Enduro Maxx $450 720 4hrs Lithium Ion 236g n/a 257g 2.80 1.60 Exposure Race Maxx $350 480 3hrs Lithium ...    Read More »

Surly Premiers Straggler Steel Cyclocross Bike in Sizes from 42cm to 64cm

It’s basically the Cross Check, just a little different. It’s got disc brakes, the bottom bracket is a little bit lower, the headtube is a little bit higher.   Read More »

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Mega-Monster Enduro Feb. 9th.

102mi or 103km ride on open roads. [url=http://megamonster.lowkeyhillclimbs.com/2013/]2013 Low-Key Mega-Monster Enduro Ride[/url] I rode this last year on a 3-man team and had a pretty good time.Read More »

Enduro XD-15

Hi guys, Would like to know what is the difference between outboard bottom bracket enduro xd-15 mountain version vs the road version. The reason i am asking this is that i have a xd-15 mountain version lying arond and am wondering whether it can be used on a new frame that is bsa threaded ThanksRead More »

TPI vs Enduro Bearings

I was wondering if anyone can comment on the quality of TPI bearings, especially compared to US-made Enduro. I've been using Enduro bearings in almost all of the hubs I carry, and with great success. But one of the manufacturers I buy from has recently suggested switching to TPI, which are made in T ... Read More »

Paging Mr. Roadworthy..... (OSBB/Enduro)

Looks like Enduro might have heard you about bb bearings..... [url=http://www.competitivecyclist.com/product-components/2011-enduro-xd-15-ceramic-bottom-bracket-9183.3068.0.html]2012 Enduro XD-15 Ceramic Bottom Bracket - Competitive Cyclist[/url] [I]And here's a secret that shouldn't be one -- ... Read More »

Enduro BB bearing suppliers+service in SF?

Call me lazy for not making the phone calls, but I'd much prefer to see first if anyone here would know about this off the top of their head. I'm looking to get the bearings replaced (for still non-ceramic ones) on a RaceFace X-Type Road BB. Why not just buy a new BB for less? Figured with th ... Read More »

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