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Vodka in my Endurox?

So I am 43 and never been a competitive cyclist. I'm pretty slow too (2.5 hours to do 40 miles of reasonably flat Denver loop) I drink Endurox for recovery but last couple rides have started after 5 pm and get done around 7:30 so, like any respectable alcoholic, I thought hmmm.. Vodka? So long story ... Read More »


I got some endurox (the recovery thing) for xmas this year and was just wondering... Would a post ride drink like endurox be better than a pre ride/ during ride drink like accellerade. And does a post ride drink really make that much of a difference.Read More »

Anyone Tried Endurox or another recovery mix ?

I'm looking for some help in selecting a good recovery drink or something that would add a little endurance to myself. I eat well for the most part and take a multi-vitamin, but I was thinking that some of this stuff I see out there may actually help me get "over the hump" so the speak. Sometime ... Read More »


I have been drinking endurox after i ride the 3+ hour mtb rides or a realy hard training day for about a year now and it works realy well. My legs are not sore the next day so recovery is not painfull any more :) .But i am wondering .Is it beneficial to drink it every two hours or so during a centu ... Read More »

Endurox R4 vs Gatorade vs Milk - suprising results

This is old news to some, but I thought I would bring up more accurate statistics regarding Endurox, Gatorade, and chocolate milk. From cbsnews on a WebMD article: [url]http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/02/24/health/webmd/main1342839.shtml[/url] Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink? Feb. ... Read More »


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