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Ergomo power meters

I have been tasked with selling all the cycling gear of a friend who recently passed from terminal illness. It's an Ergomo with the carbon cranks, bb, head unit. All the stuff is packed nicely in an aluminum case with the documents, instructions and whatnot. I read where they had gone out of ... Read More »

Ergomo Power

I've been looking at power meters recently. I change wheels almost as often as I change underwear and the budget doesn't allow for the SRM unit that I lust over. I'm considering an Ergomo power setup. Opionins? Warnings? Good things? Etc?Read More »

Ergomo vs. Powertap w/ Cannondale SI

Hi All, I've done a search for Ergomo vs. Powertap, but I want to throw a new twist in the debate. I have a Cannondale System 6 with the carbon SI crankset. I've read Ergomo is probably a little more accurate and lighter than the Powertap. But, Ergomo won't fit the Cannondale bottom bracket ... Read More »

Which Power Meter: Power Tap, SRM, or Ergomo?

I'm toying with the idea of getting a power meter, and I've narrowed it down to these three. Pros and cons of each as I see it: Power Tap Pros: Wireless available, easy to install (once the wheel is built), cheapest of the three (I think). Cons: Power functions work if you use multiple w ... Read More »

Recharging computer mid-ride (Ergomo or other)

Hi, I am riding PBP this August and would love to use my Ergomo. Has anyone else who uses an Ergomo or other rechargeable battery computer (Garmin?) figured out the best solution for charging the head unit mid-ride? My charge lasts between 18-20 hours of ride time (a bit longer if the temps at ni ... Read More »





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