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ESI grips

Anyone use these on a cyclocross bike? I've got a pair on my MTB that I like quite a bit, and noticed on their site that they had grips for drop bars, so I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with them.Read More »

ESI Grips Unwrapped

Has anyone used this grip? What is the verdict, how does it 'join' around the shifter? Can u get them any cheaper than the $50 they want through the website (used to be $35!) :mad2: Been using them on the MTB for years, am thinking about giving them a go on the road bike. I know they are MUCH he ... Read More »

ESI Road Grips

Any comments on the above product Was installation a problem? Comfort level ThanksRead More »


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Bar Tape

Unwrapped 4.5
10   Reviews
$ 35.00




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