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Any feedback for EverTi Odyssey or Ti-Fighter cross frames?

I've been looking to sell my ti/carbon road frame in order to build a cross bike (I'm a mountain biker at heart). I haven't been able to find many reviews on the frames, but I do know that EverTi outsources their frames to a company in Taiwan. Thanks for any help.Read More »

Lynskey Houseblend Cooper or Everti Phoenix

I'm looking to get an entry level Ti frame and I have narrowed my decision down to the Everti Phoenix and the Lynskey Cooper, which are both around $1800. I've heard good things about the Phoenix and in a Med it has a claimed weight of 1275g, however, I don't know anything about the Cooper other th ... Read More »

Titanium: Litespeed Siena, Everti or Motobecane?

Any thoughts on which one? My current ride is a steel 853 compact Schwinn (super sport gtx) shimano 105, Neuvations R28 SL3 (1540g) that i've been riding for 8 years. I'm 5'71/2 and 160 pounds. I do feel that the Siena is a stiff bike just by design. But is bargain titanium ok or still too so ... Read More »

Dean / Everti

Considering a Ti frame. Has anyone had experience owning or dealing with Dean or Everti, good bad or otherwise? Am strongly tempted to get a carbon Carrera (locally available) but think the Ti bikes will last longer. Will appreciate your input.Read More »

Any women or person ride a EVERTI titanium bike?

Any women have comments on Everti bikes? How about guys? Compare Everti to buying Habenareo bike frame in ride and quality of workmanship? Thx.Read More »





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