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Adageo Energy Pro Cycling Team Launches Facebook Contest For Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

Los Angeles, CA – The Adageo Energy Pro Cycling Team is launching a special contest on Facebook in conjunction with its participation in next week's Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. Thousands of dollars worth of prizes are up for grabs for fans of the Adageo Energy Pro Cycling Team Facebook page. The ...    Read More »

Adageo Energy Team Rises To The Pro Ranks

Los Angeles – The new Adageo Energy Pro Cycling Team aims to build on the foundation of its highly successful grassroots programs, the Southern California-based Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy Elite Team and the 400-member Liquid Cycling Club. Adageo Energy, an Austin, Texas-based investment firm that ...    Read More »

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Smoking deal on Exustar Arm Warmers & Ecycle Leg Warmers

If you are a size small, Ecycling Store have some Exustar arm warmers for $2.99 a pair. They also have leg warmers for $11.99 with more sizes to choose from. [url=http://www.ecyclingstore.com/exustar-aw103-arm-warmers-gray-black.html]Exustar AW103 Cycling Arm Warmers Gray/Black[/url] [url=htt ... Read More »

Any Experience w/ Exustar Pedals?

Sorry if this has been done before. I'm tired of moving my Keos back and forth between bikes and now I'm considering Exustar pedals. So far they look good: Compatible with what I already use, inexpensive and light weight.Read More »

Exustar Pedals

I am interested to know if any of you have had experience with the Exustar road pedals. I am especially interested in the ti model which as a pair weigh around 180 grams. That is lighter even than the ti model of the Keo Blade.Read More »

Anyone tried Exustar's Time-compatible pedals?

I just saw Exustar "ATAC compatible" pedals for $29 on a certain well-known Web site. Never heard of them. I switched from Speedplay Frogs to TIME last year, but I'm sick of switching my ATACs from my wind trainer bike to my fender bike to my ATB ... I need to buy, like three more pairs. If these Ex ... Read More »

Exustar cycling shoes

Anyone know anything about them? I've visited the website, but does anyone know what they're like to ride with? Anything?Read More »

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