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Fetish cycles carbon ultra bars- knock off of what?

Anybody know what they are? I've got some and I really like the shape- actually prefer them to my top of the line control tech and fsa offerings. I doubt they were/are the only thing out there in that shape- weren't they just in the market of rebadging stuff? thanks for any help with find ... Read More »

fetish cycles penna frameset

Hey, I ran across this frame set, on another site, and was just wanting to get your guys opinion. Its a 2006 fetish cycles penna with a kinesis carbon fork, headset, and seat post clamp. He's asking 250, and hes only about a 2hrs drive away, so I would obviously pick it up in person, and have a chan ... Read More »

Fetish Cycles derailleur hangers?

I've got a Fetish Penna that I built up a couple of months ago after snagging it for dirt cheap on eBay. Sadly, my worst fear with the frame has come true - I snapped the derailleur hanger yesterday after getting t-boned by a tourist running a stop sign. AFAIK Fetish is out of business, leaving me h ... Read More »

Fetish Cycles Carbon Tubular Wheelset - Good or bad?

Anyone have experience with Fetish Cycles components? Specifically the 50mm aero tubular carbon wheelset? If so, thoughts on quality, longevity, and general use. They seem to be a reasonably priced aero tubular. I have just never heard of the brand before. So, any comments would be apprec ... Read More »

fetish cycles

Just wanted to know if anyone knows about fetish bikes. Looking at buying one and trying to get some input on them. thanksRead More »





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