Anyone have or seen Fezzari bikes? What do you think ?

I have been riding Cannondale for years. I'm getting back into riding and I saw a AD on a site for Fezzari bike? When I tried to look them up all i saw was they were cheep and sold at Costco around 2005? On there site the bikes look nice and seem to come with nice parts. The thing I liked wit ... Read More »

Fezzari CR2 v Motobecane Le Champ Carbon

Hi all: I've been riding a long time and a Jamis Eclipse since 2001. Very sweet steel bike: 853 Reynolds, Full Ultegra 9 spd, Mavic Ksyrium SSC wheels and brakes, Carbon fork. Sadly my wife tried to park our Pilot in an airport garage, forgot the bike was on top and cracked the frame in 3 places ... Read More »

Fezzari or Kestrel?

Anyone with experience on this? Its pretty much a toss up at this point between a Kestrel or a Fezzari.....planning to purchase in the next month or so. It seems they are both good bike companies.....thoughts? :) Specifically....the choices are: [url] ... Read More »

Fezzari Forte CR5?

Hi everyone I'm new to this site, I just purchased a Fezzari Forte CR5 bike with my co-workers advice without doing much research. I'm an advid mountain biker so this is my first road bike. I'm starting to secong guess my decision on the Fezzari. I haven't really found many reviews. Anyone have any ... Read More »

fezzari forte cr3

hey has anyone ever bought or rode this bike before go to their website [url][/url] and look up the frote cr3 and tell me what you think about it thanksRead More »


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