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Handmade Show: Festka Bicycle's Ti Mist and Root and more

Festka Bicycles in the Czech Republic shows us two new Ti bikes, The Mist and The Root. Also shown from the Art Collection are the chromed out Urban Zero and more!   Read More »

Handmade Show: Ritchey carbonates Break-Away travel bike

Ritchey has been building their luggage-checkable Break-Away travel bikes in steel and titanium for years. This year company adds a three-pound carbon frame option.    Read More »

TRP Brakes unveils improved Spyre mechanical disc brake, new Spyke fat bike brake, and a gravel favorite

What has changed with the Spyre dual piston mechanical disc brake since the voluntary recall in December? Find out here.    Read More »

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Dura Ace 9000 fine tuning

Recently took delivery of a new P1 Domane with DA 9000. Whilst the new group set is very slick, I can not fine tune the front derailleur to remove all chain clatter. Inner chain ring is fine, on any rear cog but the large chain ring clatters on the front derailleur when on the smallest rear cog. I ... Read More »

LEGAL: Mapping and driving fine upheld in California?

Apparently, a [url=http://www.techdirt.com/blog/wireless/articles/20130405/02103822591/california-court-rules-it-illegal-to-check-maps-your-phone-while-driving.shtml]California appellate court has ruled [/url] that using one's phone's mapping applications while driving is the same kind of violation ... Read More »

A Fine DC Commute

This evening presented a nice sunset and fairly mild temps (left work at 52°F, but it chills down fast this time of year). It reminded me how fortunate I am to be commuting here. Decent trails, spectacular sights (just as captured by MB1) and in my experience, mostly considerate drivers. I love this ... Read More »

Contador and UCI reach settlement on Clenbuterol doping case fine

/cyclingnews.com/news/contador-and-uci-reach-settlement-on-clenbuterol-doping-case-fine can't post links yet. "Alberto Contador's doping-related case before the Court of Arbitraiton for Sport has now been closed. The CAS said that Contador and the UCI had reached a private settlement on the pr ... Read More »

Dez Bryant Jersey Nike - 3 on what mishap darkening welding filtering is fine

So [url]http://www.linyismc.com/bbs/thread-46713-1-1.html[/url] the moment you think in terms [url=http://www.yzj007.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=163100 ]Elite Justin Smith Jersey [/url] on your value of sports memorabilia [url=http://www.tallisandco.dreamhosters.com/index.php?option=com_blog ... Read More »

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