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has finish line stopped making Ti Prep?

looking to buy more Ti prep for my bikes, couldn't find any at my regular on line supplier but found this [img]http://www.cycle-yoshida.com/marui/finishline/grease/9tos07201.jpg[/img] is this the same stuff? obviously not a grease but same function?Read More »

Easy cleaning of Finish LIne Ceramic Gold

I recently switched over to finish-line gold from finish-line dry teflon and wow what a difference! This feels 100x smoother and the chain in virtually silent! The only issue with the gold is that it is messy and collects a lot of dirt! The chain turns black and collects more crud, an easy way to ... Read More »

finish line

our parks dept doesn't like spray paint on the grass, is there something I can use to make an actual finish line on grass?Read More »

Campy White Grease vs. Finish Line White Teflon

Just wondering what you guys think about using Finish Line white teflon grease in lieu of Campy white grease. I can get a tube of the Finish Line stuff for around $12 and a large tub for $30. I can get a 100ml tube of the Campy stuff for $34 plus shipping.Read More »

View from Inside the ATOC Peloton at Finish Line

Hi all, We just launched our first cycling video - GoPro camera mounted onboard during Amgen Tour of California, final stage crossing the finish line: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA9AeYQTivQ[/url] :)Read More »





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