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First Endurance EFS Energy Drink Mix

20% off using coupon TDF. [url=http://www.firstendurance.com/nutrition/efs-drink.html]EFS Drink[/url] If you order 4 canisters, that quantity plus the gross price of the free water bottle they add in, puts the total order above $100 before the 20% discount. So, the water bottle and shipping i ... Read More »

Fuel my cycling dream - First Endurance Nutrition

Dear Fellow Cyclists, We all know how expensive bike racing (or any form of cycling) can be - I'm 22 and trying to become a professional cyclist, currently a Cat 1 rider. In midst of all the training/traveling/working/racing, I've come to realize that asking is a powerful tool and there are ... Read More »

Improving speed or endurance first ??

I have recently taken up cycling after having to give up football due to constant injury problems and I am really getting into it. I have purchased a Cannondale CAAD8 with a Tiagra set up and have done about 300 miles so far. I am looking to improve both average speed and endurance and wanted to k ... Read More »

The First Endurance Master Combo

Is this better than nickel and diming your way through separate performance/recovery products?Read More »

First Endurance Sponsors Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team

[B]Salt Lake City, UT December 5, 2006[/B]- First Endurance is pleased to announce OptygenTM as the official training and racing supplement for the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team thru 2008. The Discovery Channel team is the only American Team to have ever won the Tour de France- which they’ ... Read More »

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First Endurance Product Categories


EFS Energy and Endurance Drink Mix 0
0   Reviews
$ 17.50
EFS Liquid Shot 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99
Enervit PRE-Sport Jelly 4
1   Reviews
$ 2.95
Multi V 90 capsules 5
1   Reviews
$ 49.95
MultiV 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.95
Optygen 3
6   Reviews
$ 49.95
Optygen HP 5
2   Reviews
$ 74.95
PreRace 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.95
Ultragen Recovery Drink 0
0   Reviews
$ 44.95




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