2013 Focus Bikes

Thinking about which bike to get yourself for 2013? If you're not at least considering a Focus, do yourself a favor and do so. I just got my 2013 Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 two days ago. I've had it out for just under 50 miles and can tell you the difference between it and my old ride (2012 Madone) ... Read More »

Focus Izalco 'Ergo' frames/bikes for racing?

I'm confused on these frames. They're advertised as 'comfort', but they have the exact same geometry as the women's 'Donna' frames. Looking at the geo and compared to the 'race' Izalco, they're very similar. Only difference I can see is that the Ergo has a taller headtube, and a sloping seat tube. I ... Read More »

Focus 2012 Ergoride Bikes?

I was really interested in the Focus ergoride line of bikes but I cant seem to find any hands-on or reviews outside of some previews from bikeradar among others. Anybody had any experience with these bikes? [IMG]http://cdn.mos.bikeradar.com/images/news/2011/07/25/1311608038184-1tg6stg9p4lv2-670- ... Read More »

Up to 30% of Focus Bikes

Up to 50% off Focus Bikes [url=http://www.wiggle.co.uk/?s=focus]Bikes | Mountain Bikes | Road Bikes & Cycling Apparel | Wiggle[/url] [img]http://tidd.ly/41061ddc[/img] [img]http://tidd.ly/cc335795[/img] [img]http://tidd.ly/ba326e3e[/img] [img]http://tidd.ly/19f3c29c[/img] [img]http://tid ... Read More »

How are Focus bikes and why are they always on sale?

I have been looking at the Focus Cayo or Focus Izalco due to their geometry fitting me. Whenever I go online I notice they always seem to be on sale like JensonUSA and Performance bikes. On the Focus website their MSRP is a lot higher. Other bike companies prices seem to be vey close to their MSRPs ... Read More »


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