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First Look: VeloVie Vitesse 500 with SRAM Red 22

Can a direct-to-consumer, web-based bike company deliver a high-quality racing rig for less? VeloVie thinks they can. We ride the Vitesse 500 to find out.    Read More »

Review: Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel

This small Durango, CO company started mixing drinks in their kitchen for their own personal use so they could survive the rigors of the Leadville 100 race. What they came up with is a formula that is natural, dissolves easily in water and is easy for the body to digest.   Read More »

New Smart ENVE System Aero Bar Ready For Primetime

First debuted at PressCamp back in June, ENVE’s New $1,365 Smart System Aero Bar is finally ready to ship. Here’s a look at all the details of these highly adjustable wind cheaters.   Read More »

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So It Starts...Formula 1 Silly Season

For folks who follow Formula 1 racing, the big news this week is that Australian Mark Webber is leaving the Red Bull team to go race LMP cars for Porsche in 2014. So... Webber's departure will kick off the 2013-2014 silly season in earnest. Who will get the second Red Bull seat? What openings ... Read More »

Mavic kysrium equipe s to replace Maddux rims with formula hubs

Hi everyone. My first post here. I just got a 2013 CAADX 105. I really like the geometry but I will not be competing in cyclocross anytime soon. I'd like to have my bike to be more road worthy. I was just at REI in Northville, MI and happen to come upon some closeouts. The mavics are being sold sepa ... Read More »

Formula 1 and Done

So Formula 1 came and went. With the role at the shop got a chance to be in the paddock with a team which was pure awesome. Sadly, when your in the garage they want no pics. Technology was ridiculous as was level of hospitality. Been to some swanky VIP bike racing stuff with celebs and the like but ... Read More »

Formula 1 experience anyone

Sooooo F1 is coming to Austin in 2 weeks. City is putting out figures of 300,000 plus and of course a ridiculous economic impact. Anyone here been to F1 event? Not sure what to expect, work is gonna be crazy as many of the fan fest events are nearby, but I may have a chance to make it to the track f ... Read More »

Formula RB210 Freehub

Does anyone know where I can buy a freehub for this hub online? A google search didn't turn up anything useful. Thanks in advance.Read More »

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$ 350.00

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