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NAHBS Roadbikereview Videos and Photos and Awards.

Every year, there is a pilgrimage of some of the country's best bike builders to a city selected by NAHBS to showcase the best hand made bikes. This year, the city was Sacramento and it attracted a ton of builders from around the country and around the world.  The halls were jam-packed each day with ...    Read More »

Kowalski's Markets Collegiate All-Star Team For Nature Valley Grand Prix Loaded With Talent

Minneapolis – Six riders with a combined seven podium finishes at the recent USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals make up the Kowalski's Markets Collegiate All-Stars team for this month's Nature Valley Grand Prix. Elle Anderson (Dartmouth College) and Kimberley Turner (Seattle Pacific University ...    Read More »

Have You Seen the CleanBottle? You Will at Tour of California!

If You're Lucky You Can Get a Free Bottle While They Last... Sacramento, CA - Keep your eyes peeled for a larger-than-life sized Clean Bottle running with the leaders on the climbs at the 5th Annual Tour of California, starting this Sunday. Developed by cyclist and entrepreneur David Mayer, the Cl ...    Read More »

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We got the funk!

OK, clearly I have had my head up my azz for quite a while--too many books and not enough music--but why did no one tell me about the Dirty Dozen Brass Band? I heard one cut coming back from the train and I am hooked! Read More »

Who has the Funk

In American politics? Seriously, who gives it up? My list: The Big Dog, Bachmann (in her pasty white way), and that's IT! What has this country come to? WE WANT THE FUNK!!Read More »

5 years of funk

i cleaned my road bike while watching today's stage, a real deep clean, and man was it funky. the amount of grime on the wheels was incredible. there honestly wasn't a surface that wasn't just gross. i cleaned a pound of crust off the frame and another pound of greasy goop off the chain. tomorr ... Read More »

In a little funk, NNC will cure it

I guess I am getting all weirded out about turning 50. Decided to go get a complete physical for my 50th birthday since my gene pool swims in cancer laced with diabetes and high blood pressure on both sides. It was my first complete physical in my life. I guess I am going to find out about all th ... Read More »

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