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Team Gates Carbon Drive Showcases New Singlespeed Rallye from Spot

Singlespeeders, start your engines. For 2013, is the new Team Gates Carbon Drive cyclocross bike, the Rallye from Spot Brand.   Read More »

Fallbrook Technologies Inc. To Showcase Expanded Offering of US Bike Models Pairing NuVinci® with Gates Carbon Drive™ CenterTrack™ System At Interbike Expo

At this year's Interbike, 2013 model year bicycles equipped with the NuVinci N360 drivetrain and Gates Carbon Drive™ CenterTrack™ system   Read More »

From the Arctic Circle to Africa: A True Cycling Adventure

In 2013, Reza Pakravan pedaled 11,000 miles from the Arctic Circle to southernmost Africa. The journey took 102 days -- or roughly 107 miles per day for more than three months. Find out how he did it.   Read More »

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attn: Messr's Ballmer, Gates & other NWesters.

Creakyknees inbound to SEA. [img]http://xaxor.com/images/come-at-me-bro-memes-part2-/come-at-me-bro-memes-part2-45.jpg[/img]Read More »

Bill Gates Has Given Away $28 Billion Since 2007, Saving 6 Million Lives

"Since 2007 Gates has given away 48% of his net worth, or $28 billion, which has helped save 6 million lives" Read more: [url=http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-infographic-2012-1#ixzz1jfC8Katu]Bill Gates Has Given Away $28 Billion Since 2007, Saving 6 Million Lives[/url] [img]http://fr ... Read More »

Gates belt drive article in today's Denver Post

An [URL="http://www.denverpost.com/search/ci_19268746"]article today[/URL] about Gates' belt drive system. "I don't see why any commuter bikes should have chains," Greg Vigil from Gates says.Read More »

China test flies J-20 fighter during Gates' visit

Talk about a ***** slap! [I]With the test of a stealth fighter jet Tuesday, just hours before U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met with Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Chinese military provided a blunt demonstration of its willingness to challenge both the United States and its own preside ... Read More »

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