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Pro Bike: Martha Iverson's Unique Ridley X-Fire - 2010 and 2014 Versions

Flash forward over three years and we were anxious to see what other unique mods would be on Iverson’s bike, and much to our surprise, she had replaced the left pedal with a matching Eggbeater pedal.   Read More »

Cheap Bike Project: An Exercise in Cyclocross Penny Pinching

Think you have to spend a fortune to get your first cyclocross bike? Think again. Bike racing has a reputation as a rich person’s sport. In response, we bring you “Cheap Bike”.   Read More »

Gear Up for the Holidays With Bike Themed Cards

Skeese Greets, Greeting Cards for the Athletically Minded, releases holiday cards for people who love bikes. The cards are designed with used bicycle chains formed into shapes such as snowflakes, an angel, a Christmas Tree, a snowman and a poinsettia. Corresponding sentiments include, "It's the Holi ...    Read More »

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Brakes pads for generic rims

Hi what is the best pad for generic chinese wheelset? Some say reynolds blue, swissstop yellow too aggresive for generic rims.. bontrager really good. . I dont know? ThanksRead More »

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