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How To: Get Home After Slashing Your Tire’s Sidewall (Video)

A slash in the sidewall of your tire typically means the end of your ride. But with a little McGyver ingenuity it’s possible to get back on the road and get home.   Read More »

How To: Get Home When You’ve Run Out Of Tubes (Video)

You’ve just suffered your third puncture, you’re out of tubes and are miles from home. Now what? Here are some tricks that just might get you home without having to call for help, hitchhike or walk.    Read More »

Get a Grip: Adding Grip to STI and DoubleTap Brake Levers

With another potential wintry Nationals on the horizon in Boulder, racers are looking for every little edge to enhance their performance, and reliable braking and shifting certainly are key to a flawless race.   Read More »

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which sram RD should I get for tt500 bar end shifters?

Building up an old Diamondback steel frame with 10 speed cassette and tt500 bar ends- which sram RD should I get? Don't know much about sram. Want to spend less than $100; used is acceptable. Also, I assume I need a long cage? Never had a bike with this many gears before.Read More »

Can I get some advice/opinions on potential purchase?

I'm on the fence on a particular purchase, would love some input. I'm buying a used bike locally - I've inspected the bike, comfortable with the seller, etc. I'm buying the bike regardless. Here is the decision: He's offering me my choice: frame, all componants, etc. with my choice of: ... Read More »

get me into race shape for 2014

I would like to be competitive in crit and road racing in 2014. This year, I was mostly packfill, coming in middle of the pack in my races. I think I could make improvements to my strategy and technique, but mostly I need improvements to my fitness. Here's what I have been doing this year: [LIST ... Read More »

Which Pinarello to get

Ok, I'm trying to decide between a FP Due or a ROKH. The ROKH is more expensive because of the carbon used(24HM/FP Due, 30HM/ROKH). I'm going to be using this bike for longer rides of over 75 miles. Is it really worth spending the extra money if I'm not going to be racing? The emphasis is on a comfo ... Read More »

Dura-Ace chain comes pre-lubed. Get rid of the lube?

I use wax-based lubricants on my bikes - no exceptions. I just finished building up my bike and, as expected, the Dura-Ace chain has an oil-based lube on it. Interestingly, it’s not the thick goopy crap Shimano used to use, rather, it’s a thinner material that smells a little like WD-40. Either w ... Read More »

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