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Transparent Clarity Bike Brings New Meaning to Ghost Riding

Ever wonder what materials the bicycles of the future would be made of? We've seen many concepts this year, including several made of cardboard, but this may be the most interesting of them all. This is Clarity, a transparent proof of concept road frame built from a polymer called Trivex. The transp ...    Read More »

Fast Forward All Carbon Ghost Wheelset

Fast Forward Wheels, FFWD, displayed their new Ghost wheelset recently at Bike DealerCamp in Deer Valley Utah this past July. Hand built in Holland, the new Ghost wheelset is a full carbon tubular wheelset, weighing in at just 1098 grams for the set. Light as they may be, they do have a rider weight ...    Read More »

New York Group Launches Web Site Connecting Ghost Bike Projects

New York, NY — A web site featuring ghost bike projects and locations has been launched by New York’s Street Memorial Project to connect similar efforts around the world. By the end of 2007, 41 ghost bikes will have been installed in New York City. This year, there have been 23 deaths according to ...    Read More »

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This forum is a ghost town lately...what gives?

Sure seems like posts here have dropped off dramatically in the past few weeks. Where is everyone? On Facebook perhaps? Or working for a change? Or being forced to interact with others in person?Read More »

Race My Ghost App - Anyone use this?

Hi all. Does anyone use this app? What's your feedback? I just recently got a fluid trainer until the weather improves and I'm hoping this app helps me overcome my boredom. But, I tried to use it for the first time last night and couldn't get my HRM to synch with the app :( The cadence and spee ... Read More »

Ghost Riders..A generation of cyclists who insisted on riding clean in the ' LA ERA"

[url=http://www.texasmonthly.com/2012-12-01/sportsreporter.php]Ghost Riders :: Texas Monthly[/url] This article is about Pat McCarty who raced on both Postal and Phonak. This is a very good article and to me these guys like Pat are the true unsung hero's. "Pat headed off to a training camp ... Read More »

Campy "Ghost" shifting diagnosis

I was doing a hilly ride this weekend and experienced what I think was “ghost” shifting. Up until that ride I have had no issues and the shifting seemed very dialed in. On a climb when I was out of the saddle or applying a lot of torque at low cadence, it seemed like I was getting a random upshift ... Read More »

FFWD Ghost?

Anybody pick up a set of these sweet wheels? The serviceability looks attractive. The price is a little hefty but I like the design. Any weekend warriors with experiences to share? [url=http://reviews.roadbikereview.com/fast-forward-all-carbon-ghost-wheelset]Fast Forward All Carbon Ghost Whe ... Read More »

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$ 1840.00

Road Bike

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$ 1900.00
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