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Gios Torino identification

I am trying to confirm that is is really a Gios Torino Professional. The front forks are Moser.Read More »

new Gios bikes/frames availability

Anyone know if there Is a US option for Gios frames, complete bikes or components?Read More »

Green and blue Gios Torino?

Anyone seen a Gios like this before?Read More »

Gios: Newer vs Older?

What would be the difference between a newer model Compact Pro vs one of the older 80's Professional Columbus SL frames? I had an old SL Professional and it rode nice from what I can remember. Is the CPro's tubes (Oria K???) significantly better than the Professional's SL tubes?Read More »

New Gios Mini Velo

The new mini velo arrived today at Y's Road in Yokohama. I made the trip up and closed the deal. What an awesome mini bike and fun way to remember many beautiful rides in Japan. I'll make a few small tweeks, like a Brooks saddle. Don't know if this is the right forum for such pictures, but it is ... Read More »


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Compact Pro 4.89
9   Reviews
$ 649.00




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