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Video: How to Climb Like a Pro

At the professional level the ability to go uphill is arguably the most important cycling skill — and one that is honed at an early age. For the rest of us, learning to climb efficiently is an ongoing process. Check out these videos for tips on channeling your inner mountain goat.   Read More »

Look X85 Cyclocross Bike with Disc Brakes

Update Dec. 16 We continue to be impressed by the speed and versatility of the Look X85 bike. The bike has proven to be an agile bike that accelerates well and gets up the big hills with ease. Yet, it rides comfortably as the stays absorb much more of the vibrations present in our steel cross bik ...    Read More »

Featured User Review: Ridley Damocles Road Bike

Featured User Review: Featured User Review: Ridley Damocles Road Bike by Corsaire Price: $1800.00 at Westwood Cycle Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 5 of 5 Bike Setup: Dura Ace 2011, 130mm stem, FSA K-Wing compact, DA carbon pedals, San Marco Arrowhead saddle, Ksyrium SLs and AM Sprin ...    Read More »

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this SFO place is a goat town.

San Francisco airport is using 400 goats to clear from an area of the airport prone to fire: [url=http://bigstory.ap.org/article/here-only-goats-can-prevent-airport-fires]Here, only goats can prevent airport fires[/url] [img]http://binaryapi.ap.org/78b65984b9f14445ba1436c6072de30b/460x.jpg[/im ... Read More »

What realy gets my goat?

Go to Home Despot yesterday--need to rent a Ramset gun (shoot some studs onto concrete). There is no one in the rental department--I scan the aisles and someone walks by--the call the MOD (manager on duty). He comes over--"I don't think we rent those" me: "I was here a couple of weeks ago--th ... Read More »

Best goat remix yet (ala Whitney Houston)

[url]http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EPAhWn0Ds0M[/url] Pure artRead More »

Ever seen a Goat?

We're spending the night in the Meat Goat Capital of the United States [url=http://www.texasfarmbureau.org/texasagriculture/2006/060206/060206goats.htm]Goats’a Growin’Business[/url] and drinking spirits. So does anyone have any tales of superwarm and tasty animalr products?Read More »

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