Paul Component's stem cap Camera Mount puts GoPro front-and-center

Fresh Product - Paul Component’s stem cap Camera Mount puts GoPro front-and-center.    Read More »

GoPro Launches HD HERO2 Camera

GoPro Launches HD HERO2 Camera Announces Wi-Fi Remote Control and Video Streaming 2x More Powerful in Every Way, The HD HERO2 Democratizes Professional Image Capture and Broadcast with Support for Remote Control and Live Video Streaming from Virtually Anywhere to the Web Half Moon Bay, CA - Go ...    Read More »

GoPro Shows off Premium Accessories at Sea Otter Classic

GoPro showed up at Sea Otter this year with a trio of premium accessories for it's wildly successful line of Hero HD video cameras. Including a kit that turns any regular two Hero HD cameras into a full functional 3D recording device, yes, 3D! The 3D HERO System allows anyone with two 1080p HD HERO ...    Read More »

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GoPro - Which one and general questions

Hello We have been enjoying our new bikes and now i want to purchase a GoPro camera to video some of our rides. Is there a big difference between models and which one is considerd best fior cycling? I am thinking about getting the K edge mount as I've been reading that the GoPro model is a ... Read More »

GoPro on the daily commute as a deterrent...what do you think?

Hi Guys - So, after a few solid years of commuting to work on the bike, I have been taking a break because I got fed up with dangerous drivers. In addition to being dangerous, they can be outright aggressive with cyclists here. I haven't been on the bike (for a commute) since last summer and I ... Read More »

GoPro Hero Handlebar mount

My wife got me a gopro for christmas, pretty sweet! And a friend of mine got me the generic handlebar/rollbar mount, but I think I'm going to switch to the K-Edge extended Handlebar mount. Does anyone have any experience with gopro mounts on your bikes and if so, does the K-edge work well, or is i ... Read More »

Heiser Farms GoPro Video 10/6

Single speed race. Full final lap since that's where the action is. Some other snippets. Read More »

Gopro commute

Hey guys, Just got a GoPro camera and I have been playing around with it on my bike. Thought you all might enjoy a sped-up version of my commute. My memory card wasn't large enough for the entire thing, so this video is only half of it. I have a new card on it's way though. [url=http://youtu. ... Read More »

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