Maxxis jumps into the cyclocross tubeless ring with its Mud Wrestler tubeless ready tire

A first-hand look at Maxxis’ first tubeless cyclocross tire, the 700x33c Mud Wrestler, at Frostbike 2014.   Read More »

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Gunnar, worth the money?

Im looking at building a commuter bike, roughly 20 mile round trip, a few gravel roads thrown in but mostly asphalt. I was seriously considering the Salsa Vaya simply because I own their Mariarchi and love it. I've had my eye on one in the shop, and after talking to owner and talking about swappi ... Read More »

Build Time for Gunnar

I am considering getting a Gunnar, it would be a stock size - anyone have an idea of how long it take for them to get the frame built and paintedRead More »

My beloved Gunnar was stolen today

Someone stole my Gunnar Crosshairs out of the garage at work today! I am bummed! I went to see the building manager and he was able to show me the incident on the security video. The guy walks in, kind of circles around a bit, goes over to my bike, squats down to cut the lock and rides off. ... Read More »

Gunnar Roadie Owners Get In Here

Those of you who own, or have owned a Roadie. Can you tell me what you really think of it. Would it be good enough for a crit bike? What are it's short commings? Is it not a good sprinter? Does it not handle as well as other bikes. I mean, give us a real opinion. Not a " I really like it" generi ... Read More »

In praise of the Gunnar frame fit tool

Almost anyone who has bought bike frames knows what a struggle it can be getting the correct sizing, particularly with the differences in geometry and measurements for frames as well as forks and stems. Gunnar bikes has developed an on-line fit tool that is simply amazing. It works better than a ... Read More »

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Gunnar Product Categories


Crosshairs 5
1   Reviews
$ 675.00
Sport 3.61
7   Reviews
$ 675.00
Street Dog 5
1   Reviews
$ 750.00

Older Cyclocross Bike

1999 Crosshairs 4.75
4   Reviews
$ 500.01
2000 CrossHairs 4.22
9   Reviews
$ 1849.00
2001 Cross Hairs 4
1   Reviews
$ 1540.00
2001 CrossHairs 5
1   Reviews
$ 1849.00

Older Racing Bike

2001 Hot Dog! 0
0   Reviews
$ 1799.00
2001 Tire-Biter 4
1   Reviews
$ 1770.00

Older Road Bike

2000 Hot Dog! 4.63
23   Reviews
$ 2499.00



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