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H Plus Son Archetype -- offset drilling is different on my current batch of rims

I'm doing my 4th and 5th builds using the H+ Son Archetype rim. I got the first 3 sets of rims from BHS and they were drilled such that the 2nd hole to the left of the valve hole (looking down at rim in lap, H+ on the rim label facing the ground) was a DS spoke hole. The current rims (that I ... Read More »

Rim recommendations - Pacenti, H Plus Son etc

I've just invested some money in a pair of Chris King R45 (28F and 32R) hubs and am now trying to decide on what rims to buy. I am looking to go tubeless though this might limit the choices I have. I am looking at the Pacenti SL23, the H Plus Son Archetype (though this may not be tubeless compat ... Read More »

Own the H Plus Son Archetype?

If you own these rims, what can you tell me about the weld seam on these? Are they machined smooth? I have some Velocity A23's and they're very rough (about 1/8" ridge). Since these wheels will be getting rebuilt by the builder, I'm considering these or the Pacenti SL23. I've heard a lot of go ... Read More »

Pacenti SL23 or H Plus Son Archetype?

Going to be purchasing some parts for a new wheels build, and am having trouble deciding which to get. For those of you with either or both, please chime in. Thanks in advance. Any advice? Chive On BrandonRead More »

H Plus Son Archetype Measurements?

Quick question, can anyone measure/tell me the INSIDE width of this rim? ThanksRead More »


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$ 72.00
Archetype 5
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$ 80.00
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