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Halo Headband Interbike Booth

Nick Holslag shows us a demo of how Halo products work. Halo has an assortment of products such as the Headband, Skull Cap, and Protex bandana with SPF 30-50. The integrated padded sweatblock seal blocks   Read More »

First Look: All-City Cycles unveils the Macho King - Reynolds 853 steel, disc brake cyclocross bike

This year at Frostbike, All-City promised to “unveil our latest ’cross creations to the world” and they didn’t disappoint.   Read More »

Review: Serfas True 550

Instead of sticking with the light chassis from last year, Serfas stepped it up with a brand new, more robust chassis this year. The new one seems bigger with more cooling fins. It has air ports in front near the lens that serve to funnel air through the heat sink and cool the light down at speed.   Read More »

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Halo headband, my experience

I've been thinking about getting another Headsweats to help prevent sweat blindness in the Texas heat. A few weeks ago, I was in a shop and came across the Halo. It appealed to me for several reasons: it didn't go over the entire head, was just a band. It also didn't tie on, but slipped on, so t ... Read More »

22 degree halo spotted while biking today.

In all my 42 years I have never seen one. I had to stop and snap a couple of shots. It was just the camera on my Droid, but it came out okay. I can't complain about 60 degrees in November either. [IMG]http://forums.roadbikereview.com/[IMG]http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp110/jaywnuk/IMG_201011 ... Read More »

Halo Mercury Wheelset?

Never heard of them, but a good price for a 1,550g wheelset. Any good? [url]http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Halo_Mercury_Front_Road_Bike_Wheel/5360042446/[/url]Read More »

UK Kinlin/Halo and Build Questions

All, Can anyone confirm if the Halo AeroRage are the same rims as the Kinlin 270? I hear that Halo are Kinlin rims, but the AeroRage are listed as 25mm profile on the Halo site. Also, any recommendations for builders in the UK (preferably London for that 'lbs love' :D) who build with Kinlin/Ha ... Read More »

Halo 3 the lownge edition.

Who else here is on x-box live and what it your gamer tag, what games, etc. Lets get a list going. bikegeek / halo 3 and grid when I get it figured out. Those of us that are too lazy to go out in the snow could have a lounge halo day or something.Read More »

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