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There is a Haro CRX cross frame for sale locally... this would be my first cross bike. I have googled Haro cyclocross, there is not much, is this real rare? Has anyone seen/riden one? I would love to know weights etc... I have a few questions. 1. I ride a 58 on the road, this frame is a 56, it ... Read More »

Converting a mid 90's Haro V2C to a cross/commuter

I want to start commuting to work 2-3 days per week and have been thinking of purchasing a new bike for that purpose, like a San Jose. However, I have a rarely used Haro V2C that has been taking up space in my garage for years that I could convert to more of a cross bike. Since the money I would end ... Read More »

Bicycle rental in Haro, Spain

Does anyone know where to rent a road bike in Haro, Spain (La Rioja)? Thanks. CoryGRead More »





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