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Honey Stinger Waffles 16 pack for $15 at Performance

[url=http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Product_10052_10551_1104957_-1_400030__400030]Honey Stinger Organic Stinger Waffles - 16 Pack - Sports Nutrition[/url] $15 for 16 waffles. Great deal!Read More »

Do Honey Stinger Gel large bottles exist?

Honey Stinger is one of the few gels I can actually swallow, but I still hate dealing with the packaging. Do they not sell the large size bottles like Hammer Gel do? I just use one of the hammer gel flasks and fill them up and it's a lot easier.Read More »

(LOT OF 12) Honey Organic Stinger Waffles= $10.008333333 a box

Just ordered a (LOT OF 12) honey organic stinger waffles yesterday. Honey Organic Stinger Waffle (Size: 12 Box Case ([B]10% off[/B])) $240.19 USD [B]$240.19 USD[/B] Subtotal: $240.19 USD Coupon Code ([B]hive121[/B]) : -[B]$120.10[/B] USD Shipping: [B]$19.71[/B] USD [B][COLOR="Red" ... Read More »

ZYM Catapult and Honey Stinger Ginsting = Nitro Boost

I wanted to share my experience with this product. I have traditionally been a Hammer Nutrition fanatic. This winter in my Spin Class a guy pulled out this pink tube from his jersey pocket, popped out an Alkaseltzer looking tab into his bottle, filled it up at the water fountain with water and r ... Read More »


Honey Stinger Product Categories


Classic Energy Gels 0
0   Reviews
$ 30.96
Energy Bar 0
0   Reviews
$ 21.20
Energy Gel 0
0   Reviews
$ 30.82
Organic Energy Chews 0
0   Reviews
$ 18.49
Organic Energy Gels 0
0   Reviews
$ 32.40
Protein 0
0   Reviews
$ 28.05
Waffle 0
0   Reviews
$ 21.99




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