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Hozan spoke thread rollers?

Anyone have one? I do maybe 10 wheelsets a year, and between slight mis-measurements and getting slightly off spoke lengths, I could really benefit from rolling threads at home. Hozans spoke roller, at 150-200 bucks is a lot more attractive than phil woods machine at $2k! Is it durable? The price ... Read More »

Hozan Deflection Conversion to Kgf or Park Reading

All, I recently aquired a Trek 5500 with a pair of Rolf Sestriere wheels. They needed some truing so I took care of it but the tension seemed very low. I am used to 3 cross 32 or 36 spoke wheels so paired spokes are kind of foreign. I emailed Trek about the spoke tension and they sent me rea ... Read More »

Hozan C-330 Truing Stand

In the thread "What next for Shimano wheels" there is a link to a Cyclingnews.com article on the Shimano wheel factory complete with photos of the truing stands that they use. They appear to be Hozan C-330 stands. [URL="http://www.hozan.co.jp/cycle_e/catalog/wheel/C-330.htm"]http://www.hozan.co.jp/ ... Read More »


Hozan Product Categories


4TH Hand and Puller 0
0   Reviews
$ 26.35
Lockring Tool 0
0   Reviews
$ 23.80
RATCHETING14/15MM Crankbolt Wrench 0
0   Reviews
$ 92.00
Spoke Threader 0
0   Reviews
$ 199.00




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