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Another hurricane/tropical storm aftermath...

I've been so busy that I missed the announcement that the storm was expected. On the way to taking Mrs Pare to the train yesterday morning when is is already pouring she says "Maybe it would be a good idea to clean the downspouts?" (You know how this song goes...) So back at the ranch(house) I ... Read More »


OK, forgot to ask before I left work today - are the gates open on both ends? it appears I have my own answer: the gate is open at both ends.Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath & Ideas for Donations

Well, it has been three weeks and the damage estimates continue to mount. This morning's news--o[URL="http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/11/hurricane_sandys_destruction_a.html"]ver 72,000 houses and businesses with significant damage in New Jersey alone[/URL]. NYTimes reported [URL="http://www ... Read More »

Hurricane Evac : NE is doing it wrong

Just one little point I would like to make. Down here in Tehas, hurricanes are as common as mosquitoes and horseflies. When everything is going to be underwater, you should take all of your vehicles and belongings according to value. All vehicles should be evacuated unless you are way above sea ... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy & the Vote?

I have to admit it...I'm not following politics these days, on purpose. But I do follow weather, and noticed this super-storm is coming in awefully close to election day, in largely Democratic areas. If this storm is as bad as being predicted, can't help but wonder if people will be able to get o ... Read More »


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