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iBike Generation I power meter

Anyone have a link or even some type of file for a Generation I iBike power meter. Bought one used for an old bike and it did not have a cd or manual. Called iBike...no luck there. Appreciate any help.Read More »

Ibike with iPhone and Strava

Just wondering if anyone is using Ibike to measure power with IPhone and able to upload to view through Strava.Read More »

SRM style Mount for IBIKE ?

Hey guys. Today the only power meter I have the budget to buy is the IBIKE Newton. I saw in the site that they offer a new type of mount for stems and handlebars but my intention is to put the computer in front of the handlebar like the SRM and Garmin are doing. It seems better for knees. ... Read More »

ibike phone booth

I just ordered the ibike phone booth mount for my 2011 roubaix. Has anyone ever used this mount? I have the app on my iPhone 4 already, figured it would make for a better computer!! Any thoughts?Read More »

iBike Sport Review

I just finished typing up a quick review of an iBike Sport computer that I recently purchased. Here is the link to the review on my blog: [url]http://ft-atalay.blogspot.com/2011/04/ibike-sport-review.html[/url] There is always heated debates when the accuracy of the iBike comes up, but I think it ... Read More »


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