Industry Nine I25 tl vs Shimano C24 tubeless

I'm looking into upgrading my wheels into a set top quality bullet-proof wheels. Tubeless preferred, and trying to stay away from Carbon - comfort and longevity are my primary concerns. I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to these two. Haven't heard much about the I9s on road bikes, and not ... Read More »

Industry Nine

Does anyone own a set of Industry Nine i30 wheels? I haven't found any reviews since they switched over to CX-Ray spokes over their proprietary aluminum spokes. Just curious what your thoughts are?Read More »

Finally made the move and got a Giant TCR Advanced SL with Industry nine I45 wheels!

I posted here about a month back asking if I should make the jump from my Cannondale Six 13 to something new, and I finally made the move! I had a the opportunity to send my Industry 9 wheelset back to Industry 9 due to some spokes breaking, and I upgraded to the new I45 wheelset from Industry 9, pa ... Read More »

What's coming next at Industry Nine ???

[COLOR="Red"]Look for a completely updated wheel in 2010! [/COLOR] ... is what it says on their website for ROAD wheels. Does anyone know what this is refering to??? ... and is it WORTH waiting for??? ... and when will it become AVAILABLE??? Thanks for the info.Read More »

Industry Nine Ego Road Wheels

Hello Everyone I decided to pull the trigger on these wheels that were on sale here on the classified adds section [url][/url] I know I am doing this backwards but I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with these wheels ... Read More »


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