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Bike Profile: Junior Men 9-10 National Champion Paul Haley's Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross Bike

With four years of bike racing already under his belt, Paul Haley seized the moment, to take the National Championship title.   Read More »

Quick Take - NiteRider Lumina 650

Why You Want: You’ve used previous NiteRider’s Minewt series of lights, and are looking for a brighter self contained light with output that will not only illuminate the road for you, but will be seen by motorist. Pros: Great improvements over last year’s Minewt 600, actual output of 647 is very ...    Read More »

Top U. S sprinter to race for Exergy TWENTY12

Theresa Cliff-Ryan to race for Exergy TWENTY12 next year. Cedar Springs, Michigan resident, Cliff-Ryan, is noted for her swift sprint and determination, and as a result, has constantly been on the top step of the NRC and Championship podium with nine wins in 2011. In 2006, her first year of racing, ...    Read More »

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Inline cable Adjuster front derailleur how to?

My inline FD adjuster kinda came off, the jacket of the cable came a little loose and part of the wire is sticking out, and I don't feel comfortable about it. Maybe it wasn't done right when originally installed at the bike dealer when bought new. I'm planning on replacing the cable and install the ... Read More »

Single Inline Lever

Front or rear? Anyone run a single top mount inline? Rooting through my parts bin I found one lever. Where should I put it? I know the front provides more braking, but I'm leaning toward mounting it on the rear cable.Read More »

Inline Barrel Adjusters - for Brakes?

So, I have been considering inline barrel adjusters for my brake setup, just to help with quick manipulations if I need it. However, the SRAM and Jagwire inline barrel adjusters say to not use it on brakes, only derailleurs. So, is there any reason not to? What do you guys use?Read More »

Inline Adjuster

A bit of a silly question, but I've always used inline barrel adjusters. However, they sometimes loose tension. What is your experience with this type of inline adjuster? [IMG]http://jagwireusa.com/img/products/lg/BSA0441.jpg[/IMG] [LIST] [*] Do they hold their setting better or worse? [*] Any pr ... Read More »

What inline adjuster and brake pads

I am gearing up my Trek XO for its first race. I need a couple of things. What brake pads are the best for my Avid 6 and what inline adjuster for the rear brake should I install? Thanks! GallRead More »

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