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Inside ride e motion rollers for sale

Selling my inside ride e motion rollers $500. NY area. We bought it and used it a couple of times and had to store them due to space issues It's in amazing condition and ready for training! JamesRead More »

Poal inside - what's the oldest bike you own that you still ride regularly?

So....what's the oldest bike you still ride regularly? Just trying to figure out an average before I smite someone.Read More »

Fall GA RBR Ride! All you GA/Southeastern RBRs step inside!

Mods, can we have a sticky please? Ok Paint, here's your official heads up notice....unlike last time when you claim you were out of the state. (a likely story, but I digress :D ) Ok, so Lets_Ride, Mrs tcon and myself have done a couple of little mini Georgia RBR rides and had a great time. ... Read More »

Anyone interested in Inside Ride - Emotion rollers?

Not sure if this is the right place for this, admins please remove if its not. I put my rollers up for sale on craiglist but havent had much interest. I thought the Norcal forums might be a better place. If anyones interested, please let me know, price is semi-negotiable depending. thanks ... Read More »

Let's Ride! Step inside! The Dog ate the snake.

They still had 'em! My fave piece of "arm art" I picked up from the cool little town of Leavenworth, up the road from me. Got mine a couple years ago and was glad to see they still have them. Pictured is the place it came from, and the "arm-art." Comes from a funky little non profit store here ... Read More »


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eMotion Roller System 4.85
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