Distributing intense, shorter rides with longer ones

I'm looking to build up my legs and up my anaerobic threshold, as well as my max distance. But I'm not quite sure how to distribute my longer rides amongst my shorter rides. I'm thinking I'd do 3 hard rides a week and 3 long rides a week with one day of recovery (or sooner if my body starts to te ... Read More »

Massive Storm To Bring Heavy Rain and Possible Severe Weather An intense storm will

grip much of the United States, providing extremely heavy rain, thunderstorms, and possibly tornadoes in eastern Texas and surrounding states. Flooding will be likely as up to 10 inches of rain may fall over the next week.Read More »

Coughing after intense efforts

Ok strava is going to be the death of me. I'm going out on these short 10-15mi efforts to attack the local KOMs and I'm hitting them at my absolute max effort. what i'm finding is it leaves me for the next 12 hours or so with a cough and really achy lungs. is this because i'm using more of my lun ... Read More »

Intense urban Down hill run

Intense urban Down hill run [url]http://vimeo.com/9970489[/url] I know its on a MTB, but cool IMO none the less.Read More »


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