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Review: Bontrager Ion 700

It is a tiny light that is manufactured to the highest standards. It is a bright light in a tiny package. It'll fit on your bars, your helmet or in your pocket. At the price of $100, it trumps all of the competition in the 700 Lumen category.   Read More »

Zackees - Bike gloves with built-in LED turn signals

Check out these bike gloves with built-in LED turn signals. What started out as a fashion statement turns into cycling safety wear to help you be seen.   Read More »

Pro Bike: Katie Compton's Trek Boone 9 - 2014 Cyclocross National Championships

Compton’s new bikes differ greatly from Sven Nys’ Trek Boone bikes not only in size and color scheme, but in component and brake selection.    Read More »

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Sizing headache with the Ion CX

Hello, I'm new to this CX thing, but I am pretty set on ordering an Trek Ion CX this week. I know there are some better bikes out there for the money, but through my local shop and former employer, to me looks like the best option. I cant seem to figure out size on this thing. I'm 6'4" pretty avera ... Read More »

Trek xo2 same geo as the trek ion cx pro ??

I own a 56cm 2010 xo2, I'm looking a 2011 ion pro, do both frames share the same seat and top tube lenght. My 56cm xo2 has an actual 56cm c2t for the seat and 56cm c2c for the top tube. I contacted trek and they told me that some of the specs that are listed on the web site are incorrect so forget ... Read More »

Price for used gary fisher ion pro

Hello I have 2010 gary fisher ion pro. It has ultegra regular crank and the wheels were converted tubeless. I was wondering fair selling price i was thinking 1300$Read More »

Trek Ion Super WSD (Gary Fisher Collection)

Hi I am considering to get a road bike after riding on road with a MTB for the past 2 years. I am same in size, standing at 155cm, thus options for me is very limited. Shortlisted a few after test riding them. One of them is "Trek Ion Super WSD (Gary Fisher Collection)" 2011 model. Would like ... Read More »

Jake, Ion, or CX

I have now finally decided on the style of bike that is right for me. Wanting to start longer road rides, commute to and from work, and still be able to take the kids on rails-to-trails I have decided on a Cyclecross and really like the 2012 Kona Jake. I am also considering the Trek Ion and Scott CX ... Read More »

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