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WTB’s Cross Wolf Tire Takes a ChrisCross Path to Tubeless

WTB is a late entrant into the tubeless world, but it’s going all-in by expanding into the area of cyclocross. By our count, it becomes at least the seventh company to fully embrace cyclocross tubeless.   Read More »

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IRC road tubeless tires

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Good Morning: I'm new to the forum, & am looking for some assistance. I’m ready to go road tubeless, & have decided on the IRC brand, but I’m stuck between choosing which IRC tire to go with. IRC’s US distributors were not exactly helpful, as they didn’t have any exper ... Read More »

IRC roadlite tubeless reviews ???

Did a search & came back zilch:eek:, Would love to try the pro tubeless X gaurd or the roadlite (23 or 25). My specialized Roubaix rear wont hold pressure now without sealant :cryin: & I wont use sealant :D. So someone on here has had to tried these! whatcha say:devil:Read More »

Tubeless offerings? Hutch, Maxxis, Spec, IRC, any others?

I am trying to decide whether to go tubeless. I'm 50 years old and fondly remember the silky ride of my old tubulars. I am looking for all-arounder tires and am a little concerned with reports of the fast wear of the Hutchinson offerings. Are there any other offerings that I might consider? Wh ... Read More »

bike chat/IRC

any out there? I only know of Undernet #Cycling and only a handful of people are there and little chat.....will try again tonight. Any others?Read More »

Question about IRC Roadwinner 2's

I inherited a 27in wheel bike and need to replace a tire. Any experience you can share on the mileage that the Roadwinner 2's get is appreciated.Read More »

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