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tooth count IRO bb?

have an IRO crankset and bottom bracket on the way. had emailed IRO to see what the proper BB tool was and the response was "a tool for any Shimano bottom bracket". now i go looking and there are all sorts of tools for Shimano. what is the proper tooth count (or proper tool part #) for the ... Read More »

IRO Angus Questions

I've been looking for a new bike to ride this summer and so far have it down to the IRO Angus, IRO Mark V and the Surly Steamroller. I need something pretty sturdy seeing as how Chicago roads are terrible and its inevitable I hit some nasty bumps. I like the Angus most but see on the site it says it ... Read More »

IRO Mark V... should I buy?

I have a chance to buy a used IRO Mark V complete bike for $500 Here iare the specs... IRO Mark V frame/fork, 56cm. Cromo construction. 2006ish model, more aero tubing / lighter thn newer builds. Velocity Deep V wheels Red, formula hubs, dt competition blk spokes. Crank Origin 8 46T 170mm, RW 18T fl ... Read More »

All things IRO

I've bought many a vintage trackish road bike but never a new one because they are in my opinion super overpriced and for seemingly no good reason since laying eyes on the IRO website. that has the friendliest prices I have ever seen considering the barely believable quality I have only so far heard ... Read More »

Masi Speciale commuter/IRO Mark V/BD bikes

I'm looking for a ss/fixed gear bike under 500 bucks for commuting to work. I didn't find nice old bike frame my size that i can probably fix up on craigslist so I decided to look at local bike shop / sites. I rode on a Masi Speciale Commuter ([url]http://www.masibikes.com/tab4_subNav2.php)[/url] ... Read More »


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Fixie Bike

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$ 550.00

Road Bike

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