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Jet Lites founder RIP

This is really sad and a shock. I remember calling Jim from Sweden to ask about Jet Lites and remember a gentleman who patiently answered all my questions and then some. I eventually got a Jet Lite and will always remember the nice man at Jet Lites at the other of the phone. James Fredrick Taylor ... Read More »

New Jet Lites HID light

Here's a sneak peak at the new HID light from the Jet Lites. I just got it and I took a few pics. It looks awesome so far. The light is 13 watts so I think that makes it the most powerful US HID light. Everybody else is at 12 watts. The $900 lupine from germany is 16 watts. Battery life is claime ... Read More »

Anyone use Jet Lites?

Got a Cygolite recently, had some battery issues. Totally understand that all Nimh batteries can/will suffer degradation, but after only 5 hours of use?? Working now but has been inconsistent, I can't trust it anymore. But the real bottom line: customer service has really sucked. They haven't return ... Read More »


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