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K2 Mainframe 6.0 - 2008 -- Any Advice?

I can't find much info on this bike, its geometry, build-quality, or manufacturer. There's a used one that's for sale at what appears to be a reasonable price - and I'm wondering whether it's a pig or a silk purse. Also, should I be concerned about an FSA K-Force Lite compact crankset (I've se ... Read More »

Thoughts on 2005 K2 MOD5.0

I can pick one of these up used for $650. It's had the stock wheels switched out for Xero training wheels. Otherwise all Ultegra, and the bike is in very nice shape. The size is just perfect.Read More »

K2 Cross Bikes and general fitting questions

Does anyone have any experience or input on the K2 CX200 cross bikes? For the money I am willing to spend, I am not expecting a world class bike but wondering if anyone knew anything about them. I am looking primarily at used bikes and it seems many can be had from the $500 - $800 range but I ju ... Read More »

K2 covered in KY

That's a slippery slope. I just heard that and it made me laugh. That is all.Read More »

Help. K2 2k7 mod 6.0

I'm considering about getting the K2 2007 mod6.0. Any input?Read More »





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