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Moots x king cage blasted titanium water bottle cage

I've got one on the way. I guess I'm shallow paying this much for a bottle cage! [url=http://moots.myshopify.com/collections/accessories/products/king-cage-water-bottle-cage]Moots Cycles Shop — King Cage Water Bottle Cage[/url]Read More »

Zipp carbon bottle cage durability? (versus King)

A silly thing to spend money on, but I'm having fun with it all anywhews: I was looking at getting a pair of Zipp carbon bottle cages at a bit of discount. Who out there has had them for a good long while? Are they reliable, or going to break like many other carbon cages? It's a silly part to ... Read More »

King cage retail rage explained...

Ok, a few weeks ago I was at my LBS picking up some parts for my new road bike I've been building. Thomy post, ti railed saddle etc... then I realized I needed a bottle cage. After looking over the many hanging on display I found a pretty lightweight "titanium colored" cage... saw no sticker anno ... Read More »


King Cage Product Categories


Titanium Water Bottle Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 128.00

Water Bottles/Cages

Stainless Steel 0
0   Reviews
$ 19.99
Titanium 0
0   Reviews
$ 48.99




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