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Koobi PRS saddles, anyone tried one ?

Has any one tried one of the Koobi PRS saddles. Looking to upgrade my saddle and these look interesting. Ridding 25-75 miles on my full carbon Neuvation F500 with DI2.Read More »

Anyone riding with Koobi PRS saddles ?

I was looking at upgrading my saddle and came across the KOOBI models and was very intrigued. Does anyone have first hand knowledge and experience with this brand and what has been your long term experience? Looking for a good comfortable saddle for 30-100 mile rides and I am a pretty b ... Read More »

great service from Koobi

I ordered a seat from Koobi and it was stiffer than I thought it would be. I took it off after 5 minutes. No big deal but it is a $200 seat and I got pretty busy and forgot about it. a month and a half later I sent them an email and they are sending me a softer model no questions asked. My new set w ... Read More »

saddle recommendation? koobi ?

Any others to consider? From what I have read I will probably get one of these or something comparable soon. The reviews are great. Any specific model Koobi? I have a Specialized seat that is okay but I think I can do better.Read More »

Traded my Koobi PRS in for a Specialized Romin saddle

I know, I know... Saddles are a personal preference but... Had to give the Specialized Romin two big thumbs up! I've been using Koobis for the last dozen years but had been getting a bit numb after 30 miles on the new bike. After fiddling around trying to get it "dialed in" I was still having issues ... Read More »


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PRS 4.73
26   Reviews
$ 150.00
Tri 3.5
8   Reviews
$ 100.00




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