How To: Climb faster (video)

Want to climb faster? Don’t we all. And while there are certain limiters that cannot be overcome, there are plenty of tricks and tips you can use to improve your uphill riding ability.   Read More »

Sea Otter: First look at Fezzari's disc-equipped road bike

Utah-based direct-to-consumer bike seller Fezzari will plunge wheels first into the road disc arena in mid-summer 2014, releasing a disc-equipped full carbon tarmac tamer with thru-axles front and rear.   Read More »

Video: Inside the Team Sky service course

What’s a service course? Think world headquarters of a pro cycling team and you’re on the right track. Take the tour.   Read More »

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Sram big ring and large sprocket.

SRAM publicity is vague on this but can anyone confirm that it's possible to run a chain on a 50 (or 53) chainring onto a 25 -32 rear sprocket? My experience with Aeroglide is that on a 50 ring and anything bigger than 22 sprocket the chain fouls the outside rear cage and the chain in effect comes ... Read More »

Chain jumping out of large ring on harder efforts?

I have a Shimano Ultegra di2 set up, 53/39 in the front with a 28-11 in the rear. Chain is tight and not worn, and derailleurs are adjusted correctly. I am having an issue with my chain coming off to the outside of the large ring when I am lower in the rear cog, anything in the 13,12,11. It has ... Read More »

Do Honey Stinger Gel large bottles exist?

Honey Stinger is one of the few gels I can actually swallow, but I still hate dealing with the packaging. Do they not sell the large size bottles like Hammer Gel do? I just use one of the hammer gel flasks and fill them up and it's a lot easier.Read More »

Large toe box

My Sidi's wore out so I got some Bontragers. These were a lot cheaper and had the three Velcro straps instead of the buckle. Well, I need to move back to a quality shoe again. Anyone recommend a shoe with a large toe box that doesn't cost as much as a Record group set. Maybe $200?Read More »

Continental GP4000S 25mm. Do they run large?

Bought a set of these a few months ago and installed them on my Felt Z4 this weekend. I've been running the stock Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick in front and a 25mm Gator Skin in back. I swear these things seem way larger than the gator skins. They almost feel like a 28mm. They just barely fit. There ... Read More »

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