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leopard Cycles

I am looking at a new road bike for next spring. I am looking for a CF frame and fork and a component group of Dura Ace/Chorus caliber and a decent-nice race/training wheel set. Starting this search I have road Treks, Specialized, Cervelo. I am planning on riding these brands coming up: Orbea, ... Read More »

Leopard Cycles

Thinking about buying one of these bikes and thought I would hit the forum up for as much info as I could find on the company and their bikes. Thanks in advance for any info.Read More »

Leopard Cycles - Any info on these guys?

I stumbled onto LeopardCycles.com from the Velonews website and was wondering if anyone had any comments (good & bad) about their frames and components. Thanks.Read More »


Leopard Cycles Product Categories

Cyclocross Bike

CX1 5
9   Reviews
$ 2175.00

Road Bike

CL1 Carbon 5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00
DC1 4.96
26   Reviews
$ 3025.00
L1 5
10   Reviews
$ 2100.00
M1 Carbon Monocoque 5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00
M1SL 4.9
10   Reviews
$ 3025.00
M2 5
4   Reviews
$ 2850.00

Triathlon Bike

TT1 4.8
5   Reviews
$ 2825.00




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