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Lew Racing features 16 years of wheel design expertise

in its new lightweight, high-performance PRO VT-1 Rims FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Las Vegas, Nevada (May 23, 2007) It’s called the aerospace blast-down effect. Lew Racing’s new PRO VT-1 Rims combine a newly-developed aerospace manufacturing technique called DEX-LCM™ with an exotic boron/carbon hybrid ... Read More »

Lew Racing's PRO VT-1

[B]The lightest production wheelset in the world…880 grams or less GUARANTEED.[/B] Lew Racing uses advanced manufacturing techniques to build the strongest 880 gram wheel set in the world PERIOD. DEX-LCM™ is a special technique developed for the Department of Defense (DOD) by Lew Aerospace and is ... Read More »

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