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Battery-powered front light that mounts on front fork like a Dynamo light?

I just got a Felt Verza Regency for commuting/grocery getting. One of the compromises is that this bike doesn't come with lights. Easy enough to get - however I really like the Dynamo-style lights that mount where the front brakes mount and end up in front of the head tube, mainly because I think it ... Read More »

Mounting Tail Light on Venge

Hey Folks- I wanted to see how others have mounted tail lights to their Venge. I've currently got a Planet Bike Super Flash and was going to default to zip ties. Any other ideas out there?Read More »

Light corrosion on spokes what to do?

I just got some used Mavic Cosmic SL's and there is very light corrosion on the spokes, not rust just a little rough and in some places with a somewhat milky white color. Any idea of how to treat this issue with out ripping the black paint off of the spokes? i am also afraid if i use something too ... Read More »

Barry Beams light on KickStarter

What do you guys think of the [URL="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/barrybeams/the-future-of-bike-lighting-by-barry-beams"]Barry Beams front light[/URL] being launched through KickStarter? The specs look pretty sweet: 214g, decent lens, 4500mAH Lithium Ion battery, multiple levels/patterns, rapi ... Read More »

Putting FSA K-Force Light crankset on my Tarmac

Hi all! I recently bought a Specialized Tarmac with the Tiagra group. I got a good deal so, the Tiagra group. Anyhoo, in an effort to drop weight I am considering switching out the crank with the FSA K-Force Light carbon crank. Road Bike Action magazine gave it a good review and it seems the crank ... Read More »


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