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Review: Fairwheel Bikes Lightweight Alloy Clinchers

These lightweight wheels are an affordable alternative to more expensive carbon clinchers from more wheel-known wheel makers. And they work great, too.   Read More »

Review: Lightweight Giro Aeon Helmet

If you're looking for a lightweight, well-vented brain protector that’s easy to adjust, comes in a wide variety of colors, and you’re not scared off by the $250 price tag, the Giro Aeon is worth a look.   Read More »

Introducing the Stiff and Ultra-lightweight NeilPryde BURAsl Road Bike

We know it's not just about the weight but what you do with it, too. BURAsl was purely performance engineered for the highest stiffness to weight ratios and most efficient and direct power transfer. And this happened to result in 710 grams of raw desire. That is it: bare minimum paint – maximum perf ...    Read More »

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Token lightweight dual pivot brakes, anybody seen these?

I was browsing a French ebay seller and came across what look to be a good lightweight road brake design (dual pivot f/r). Too bad the red anodizing isn't my style lately. [url=http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ETRIERS-DE-FREIN-ROUTE-ROUGE-TOKEN-AV-AR-198-g-/271248270251]Etriers DE Frein Route Rouge Token A ... Read More »

[ASK] Aero bike VS Lightweight bike

Hi, I'm just curious .. All I want to Ask is... If we Have Case like this: Aero bike : 8kg Lightweight Bike : 6kg if Rider : 70Kg using Lightweight Bike = Total 76kg If Rider Diet 2kg : 68kg Using Aero Bike = Total 76kg too Stiff : Same the Questions is Which is Faster for Clim ... Read More »

Inexpensive lightweight hubs

I am trying to find a set of hubs that are relatively lightweight. I would like novatecs but I cant find them in the right size. I am looking for 28h hubs with a campy free body. I am trying to keep the hubs under 80 dollars. Does anyone know of something that fits that criteria, or a place that sel ... Read More »

Lightweight, deep aluminum rims

I'm looking for a rim to build a new wheelset to. Must be: Light, less than 500g Deep, 40mm or greater Wide, 21mm or wider Aluminum brake track (I don't care if its carbon faired) Does such a thing exist? Is something like that already in a factory wheelset? If not I need to decide if I ... Read More »

lightweight aero wheelset recommendation

I ride a Merlin Extralight which I had built almost 20 years ago. It weighs 15.8 pounds, is in exceptional condition, and has 130mm rear spacing and friction shifting. The wheels on it are Spinergy Rev-X tubulars which I love, but need to be replaced because they are 18 years old and have developed ... Read More »

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