Video: Road Racing’s Most Iconic Road Bikes

Most iconic bikes? Everyone has their favorites. Indurain's Pinarello Sword, LeMond’s 1989 Tour de France time trial machine, Armstrong’s Trek OCLV frames. Here’s a look at 10 bikes that will make any bike junkie drool.   Read More »

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Lotus Super Pro - Value?

Can any one help me with this? A friend recently told me that he was selling an old bike of his, which is a [B]Lotus Super Pro[/B]. From the little research that i have done, i believe that it a 1982 - limited run (?), as it is Gold rather than the original Pink from 1981. I have only seen a few p ... Read More »

30th anniversary of Lotus 1-2-3

Wow... memories... with video! [url=]Lotus 1-2-3, Three Decades On | Mental Floss[/url]Read More »

Lotus vs. Peugeot

Hello I'm new to the site and Road bikes , but not to bikes . I'd like to possibly turn one of these bikes to a single speed road/trail bike . I hope one has the potential to add a Cyclocross tire. I figured you guys would be the guys to ask . Pros/Cons which would you choose and why ? Any and all ... Read More »

Lotus Challenger SX worth $75 bucks?

Here is a link to its specs: [url][/url] Basically Shimano Z-series 12-speed group, Tange 900/1000 Double Butted Chrome Moly frame. I'm an avid mountain biker looking for an 80s road bike. The fit is correct, 12 speeds is ple ... Read More »

Lotus Magazine

We're clearing out the attic to prep for a major insulation event. It also will make it so our kids don't have to do this in a few years. (the little bastids would probably throw out some of my favorite stuff anyway). I came across a monstrously heavy box of 7 years worth of Lotus magazines. What a ... Read More »

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Lotus Product Categories

Older Racing Bike

2001 110 0
0   Reviews
$ 4495.00
2001 Australian Superbike 0
0   Reviews
$ 3995.00
2001 Sport 110 Road 4
2   Reviews
$ 5580.00



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