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Front Derailleur Assistance running Race Face LP MTB cranks

Looking for some feedback on questions I have regarding front derailleur options for my '10 Salsa Chili Con Crosso frame I pick up recently. This is a "parts bin" project of sorts, so I'm utilizing an old Ultegra 9 spd (6500) gruppo off my old road bike and Race Face MTB cranks w/o the small inner ... Read More »

Vinyl LP's

I'm on the (new, revived) DAK mailing list. Some vinyl trivia here (audiophiles will already know this stuff, I didn't): [url]http://www.dak.com/reviews/3306story.cfm#poll[/url] I have probably a hundred LPs but no turntable. No idea if I'll ever listen to them, but they have sentimental value ... Read More »

LP's / old vinyl help

Mom n Dad are trading down to a post-retirement house so I'm helping them unload stuff. Dad has a pretty good collection of old country LP's, some of which may be classics, others, not so much. But I did find Peter Paul and Mary's first album in there, and the record looks cherry. Anyway, sho ... Read More »

Coop...have you checked the price of LP gas lately?

Just filled up one for the grill. Almost $5 a gallon! Cost me $23 to fill it up. Damn...that's gonna cut into the Burningman budget for some this year. Maybe the Xchange places are a cheaper option.Read More »




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